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Trails Recreation Center Cultural Arts Programs

Paige Rogers - Cultural Arts & Leisure Programs Coordinator

The Cultural Arts and Leisure programs at The Trails Recreation Center include everything your family needs to bring your talents to light. Enjoy a variety of activities including: toddler programs, babysitting course, pottery, dance, theatre, art, photography and more!


School Break Camps

  • Pottery
  • Crafting
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Sculpting
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Summer Camps
  • Fine Arts
  • Guitar**
  • Toddler and Preschool Play Groups
  • Babysitter Training
  • Music for Preschoolers and Babies

**Private Guitar Lessons available

FALL/WINTER/SPRING BREAK CAMPS (camp descriptions are on page 18 in the Fall/Winter catalog)

  • Cookies, Pies, and Cakes, OH MY! (10-15 yrs): Fall and Spring Break camps
  • Winter Break Mini-Dance Camp: ages 3-5 yrs Dec. 26-27; ages 6-10 yrs Jan. 2-3
  • Winter Sugar and Spice mini-dessert camp (9-15 yrs) Dec. 26-27, or Jan. 2-3
  • Inspire to Learn and Imagine: Creative Brikster Poke-Mania (5-12 yrs): Fall Break Camp
  • Inspire to Learn and Imagine: Creative Brikster Workshops (5-12 yrs): Dec 23-24, Dec 30-31, Jan 2-3, or Feb 17-18
  • Inspire to Learn and Imagine: Creative Brikster MINdcrafting camp (5-12 yrs): Spring Break
  • Tiny Techs Club: Engineer Investigators (7-14 yrs): Dec 26-27
  • Little Medical School: Sports Medicine (8-12 yrs): Jan 2-3
  • Trails Mix (6-11 yrs): Spring Break


Parent Tot Art
The Cultural Arts program also provides everything you need for the holidays. Come decorate eggs for Easter; get ready for our Easter egg hunt at the park; enjoy face painting, bounce castle, obstacle course and much more at our annual Summer Celebration; get spooked at our Halloween festival and frost cookies for Christmas.



16799 E. Lake Ave. Centennial, CO 80016 (303) 269-8400